New Defibrillators in our Community

After receiving feedback from the community, the Woodend Community Association applied for funding to get 2 AED defibrillators installed that the public would have access to if assistance is required. We successfully applied to CERT (Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Trust) who covered a majority of the $7000 cost to purchase the two unit. We decided that one should be located at the Woodend Community Centre as this is a place which has a high recreational use and is also a central part of the Woodend Township that is easily accessible to the public if needed. We also chose another high recreational use area of Woodend; Gladstone Park for the other defib unit which has been installed on the pump shed close to the main entrance to the park. Both are available 24/7.

The defibs are easy to use. Basically, you dial 111 and they will give you the access code to open the box then you follow the voice activated instructions on how to use them. Those with a first aid certificate would have already received training on them so in the case of an emergency, also try to find someone trained in first aid if you can.


Defib 1

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