Gladstone Park Update

Gladstone parkThe work is now completed on the fields at Gladstone Park for use and it is looking fantastic. The sports clubs are looking into when and how they will use the fields too.

Visitors may also notice that there is a giant pile of mulch at the eastern end of the park (behind the dog park). This is from a shared venture with Ecan, WDC and the Tuhaitara Trust where we got a significant amount of mulch at a very low cost and are storing it here for use in our reserves (including Gladstone) and on Trust land. Over time as projects require it, this mulch will be transported away to various locations across our district.

The large pine trees along the western boundary are now all gone and I believe the pipework is complete and area left clear. Work continues adding infill planting along the northern dune in areas where we are unable to mow easily and this will continue as and when budgets and resources allow as this comes from a separate budget. Some of the mulch will be used for this work.

The trees are growing well in the dog park and a number of large logs have now been put in both the small and large dog park areas for dogs to climb on. These trees along with the ones planted by the playground will take a while to provide significant shade in these areas but were the largest we could source without risking substantial dieback due to the conditions they are planted in.

The budget has been exhausted and our request for a walking path to the dog park from Gladstone Rd cannot be completed.  Should this become an issue in the future with people requesting this path to be installed, it is a potential project that the advisory group could look to take to the annual plan for funding consideration.

If you have any queries or concerns, please get in contact with the Woodend Community Association

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