Contacting the Council during COVID-19

Hi All

The Woodend Community Association hope that you are all keeping well and safe.

Please if you are on Facebook make sure you are following The Community of Woodend page for any updates that we receive we try to post them there.

The WDC a very helpful website for any of you that have any concerns

Helpline For Those in Need:

Residents in need of help accessing essential household goods and services due to the COVID-19 lockdown can get assistance via a local helpline.

If you’re struggling to get access to

– Food, water, or clothing
– Medication or other medical needs
– Baby or infant needs
– Pet needs – food, veterinary or shelter

Please call the helpline on 0800 24 24 11 or contact the Council’s normal 0800 number 0800 965 468 to be connected to the local welfare support team.

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