Snap Send Solve Issues around Woodend

Hi Residents

Hope you are all well through COVID-19 and coping ok. It has been so great seeing so many of you on walks and enjoying all Woodend has to offer.

At the Woodend Community Association Meeting last night we discussed issues around Woodend and what the most effective way to resolve them is. For example the Clothing Bins near the school have become a dumping ground for peoples rubbish and there are some pot holes on footpaths and roads that look hazardous.

The best thing every resident in Woodend can do is fill in an online form or download the Snap Send Solve application that the Waimakariri District run. It will create a ticket at the council that they have to investigate.  This is the most effective way to get issues around Woodend resolved. It is easy and quite quick to provide info, take a photo and send through.

You are more than welcome to raise any issues with the Woodend Community Association if you are a member and we then engage with the council on your behalf.

See the link to download the online form or the app on to you phone. Search Snap Send Solve for Android and Apple.

Wishing you all a great day


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